Our work within sustainability

Responsible business is central to our success. We are convinced that it generates a long-term value for us and our stakeholders. If we take responsibility today, we increase our prospects of running a successful business in the future. We want to contribute to the UN’s global sustainable development goals.

Responsible Lending

Responsible lending is our core competency. We help people make informed decisions for a life they can afford. In Nordax’s business model there is a built-in risk that our customers, due to various circumstances, may incur problems repaying their loans, which is undesirable for them, society and us as a lender. That explains why responsible lending is vital to our sustainability work.

Employee Wellbeing

Our employees are our most important asset. Competent and motivated employees who enjoy their work provide better service. Thanks to broad competence and personal responsibility, a corporate culture based on participation and decisiveness has emerged. An encouraging atmosphere, short decision paths and a working environment noted for cooperation, job satisfaction and commitment foster motivation.

Solid Business Ethics

Nordax wants to contribute to an ethical business community, not least to create confidence in the financial market. Fair treatment, transparency and taking responsibility are Nordax’s three business ethics priorities.

Effective Use of Resources

The environment and climate change are one of today’s most important issues for society. While our environmental impact is limited, that doesn’t mean we can rest easy. We challenge ourselves in everything we do and search opportunities to reduce our impact.