Financial statements, annual reports and other information presented here are those of Nordax Bank AB (publ) and historically Nordax Holding AB. The documents are created and disclosed pursuant to Nordax Bank AB (publ)'s obligations as an issuer of listed bonds and to certain undertakings in the companies' financing. Most of this information is only available in Swedish.

2022-11-09 Delårsrapport januari-september 2022 Nordax Bank AB 2022-11-09 Interim report January–September 2022 Nordax Bank AB 2022-08-26 Delårsrapport januari-juni 2022 Nordax Bank AB 2022-08-26 Interim report January–June 2022 Nordax Bank AB 2022-05-25 Delårsrapport januari-mars 2022 Nordax Bank AB