The work performed by the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the organization and management of Nordax and has the overall responsibility for the governance and control of Nordax. The Board of Directors shall continuously assess the company’s financial situation and ensure that the company is organized in such a way that its accounting, management of assets and financial matters in general are monitored in a prudent and efficient manner.

The Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board presides over the work performed by the Board and monitors that the Board is performing its duties in accordance with the rules of procedure established by the Board. 

Board of Directors

Nordax’s Board of Directors bears the overall responsibility for the organization, governance and control of Nordax.  

Here you can find information about the current Board of Directors.

The Board's Committees

To support the Board of Directors within certain specific areas, the Board of Directors has established three committees, which prepare and evaluate issues to be decided upon by the Board of Directors within the scope of each committees governing document. The committees are: the remuneration committee, the audit- and financecommittee and the risk committee.


At the Annual General Meeting 2017, Deloitte AB was appointed as auditors and at the AGM 2018 they were reelected until the 2019 AGM. Malin Lüning, born 1980, is the Auditor-in-Charge and is a Chartered Accountant.

Deloitte AB

Rehnsgatan 11

SE-113 79 Stockholm

Phone +46 75 246 20 00

Senior Management Team

Nordax management team consists of people with extensive experience in our field. There is a genuine commitment in the management team to the company's mission and future. Our decisiveness is a result of the management team's composition and work processes that involve people at all levels. It has also built a working environment characterized by cooperation and participation.

Below you can find information about the members of the management team.  Olof Mankert, CRO are adjunct member of the Senior Management Team.

Shareholders' Meetings

The Annual general meeting is the company’s supreme decision-making body. At the general meetings, the shareholders exercise their voting rights in key corporate matters, such as the approval of income statement, the disposition of profits or losses and the discharge of liability for the Board of Directors.


Nordax Group was delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm on the 24th of April 2018. NDX Intressenter AB controls approximately 99 per cent of the shares of the company. NDX Intressenter has started a compulsory redemption process of the remaining shares controlled by minority shareholders. Questions regarding the process should be addressed to the trustee Magnus Ramberg or his colleague Viktor Wihlstrand, NDX Intressenter is controlled by Nordic Capital and Sampo, for more information see


Nordax's remuneration principles are set out in Nordax's remuneration policy, which has been drawn up based on the Swedish Banking and Financing Business Act (SFS 2004:297) and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations (FFFS 2011:1).

In order to attract and retain excellent personnel, Nordax’s remuneration and other benefits shall be market-based and competitive. All forms of remuneration and benefits must promote Nordax’s long-term interests and discourage excessive risk-taking.

Articles of Association

Here you can find Nordax Group AB's Articles of Association:


Corporate Governance Reports

Below you can find Nordax Corporate Governance Reports and Auditors Reports which were part of Nordax Annual Reports 2015-2019.